Papa Bear Enterprises- Utah Hunter Education

Our Studentsí First Hunt Gallery

Josh Smith 


Abby Taylor

Grace Driffill 


Mike Basinger


Chandler Lamberton


Bryce Daugherty

Shelby Talbot


Alyssa Daniels


Chance & Wayland Willard


Cole & Erik Larsen

Evan Kiel


Jasmine Webb


Cory Gillies


Ashley Carter


Megan Mayhew


Braden & Karson Rees

Sara Capes

(Note: All of these animals were

legally taken in Namibia & none

are endangered or threatened

where they were hunted.) 

Hunter Estep

Farrah Youngberg

Jadon Weeda

Dylan Philbrook

Garrison & Preston Peck

Jerry Turner 

Jacob Harvath

Jaden Hawker 

Mark & Quinn Schumacher

Eli & Wyatt Ellsworth

Steffen Soller 


Derek & Drew Atkinson

Wendy Douthett

Brendon Bourgeois 

Shawn Adrian

Claire Mackay


Chelsea Bradley

Logan & Mason Christiansen


Jack Reynolds


Dustin Burris

 Chris & Earl Conabee


Spencer Delacruz

Caitlin Cook

Troy McCombe 

Bud Averett

Madi Weeda

Nolan & Simon Bliss

Hazen & Rhett Nielsen

Ed Gonzalez

Lexi Hulse

Brandon Nelson


Ethan & Emma Hales 


Marcus Polli

David Pyne


Spencer Hight


Aldo Tavares

Cori Cunningham


Brandon Rich


AJ & Thomas Larsen


Dillon Perry


Kaden Astle


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Submitting Student Hunt Photos

We love to receive & share our students hunt photos.

Please submit the following information then attach your photo to an email, & send it to

Student Name: 
Email address: 
Hunt Date: 
Game Hunted: 
The name of the person that took the pictures.
The relationship of the photographer to the student.
Please give us all the details about the hunt & pictures. Include the names & relationship of everyone in the photo.
Submitting your information implies that we have permission to share your pics with our students, Utah Hunter Education, & to post them on our website.



Please feel free to contact us with any questions you may have, but only after you review the web page or read the course instructions related to the type of class you are interested in.