Papa Bear Enterprises- Utah Hunter Education

Part 1: The Online Course

You may begin the online study at anytime. You do not have to be registered for a Field Day to complete the online material. You also don't need to be finished with the online study before you purchase your Registration Certificate.

Do not wait until the last minute! Plan your work time now, as the online study easily takes up to 12 or more hours.

It's okay to do the online study with family and friends, get help, & to discuss the lessons. But we suggest that you do the quizzes & tests yourself, that way you know that you are prepared for the written test on the Field Day.


There are three options for the online course.

You only need to complete ONE of these options.


These courses require you to pay a fee in order to take the final exam, or to receive proof of course completion. This document is required in order to participate in the Field Day that completes your Hunter Education Course. They are all narrated & interactive, & you either pay when you pass, or get a money back guarantee. Other details are listed below.


Payment required to start but has a Money-Back Guarantee

Proof of Completion: Completion Certificate


"Pay when you pass"

Proof of Completion: Field Day Qualifier Certificate

Spanish Narration Available


Payment required after 1st Chapter

Proof of Completion: Field Day Voucher


Please feel free to contact us with any questions you may have, but only after you review the web page or read the course instructions related to the type of class you are interested in.