Papa Bear Enterprises- Utah Hunter Education

Part 2: The Field Day

To register for a Field Day you will need to first purchase a Utah Hunter Education Registration Certificate (HERC). 

These are available online from the DWR or from a local license retailer. The fee is $10.00. Once you purchase the HERC it is good for 365 days. Upon successful completion of the course, the HERC becomes your basic Hunting License for the remainder of those 365 days, with no additional cost. This license is also required to qualify for other game permits.


Do not wait to purchase the HERC. While you can save a copy of the permit when you purchase it online, you need to allow 1-2 weeks for the permit to arrive by regular mail. You need to have the official copy with you when you come to class.


The Field Day basically lasts a full day. Our schedule usually includes an hour lunch break. The range is scheduled for two hours but rarely takes that long. Once we are done on the range & we complete your paperwork you are free to go.

The Field Day has three phases;

classroom, practical application, & testing.


The Classroom Phase


The classroom phase is primarily registration, introduction, certification, & administration.


We may also have a visit from a Utah Department of Natural Resources Conservation Officer.

Practical Application Phase



In the practical application phase, we will conduct several hands-on activities, & discuss & reinforce concepts & ideals that were introduced in the online material.

There students must also demonstrate safe gun handling, as well as a mature & responsible attitude towards firearms, people, & natural resources.

We strive to conduct as much of these activities outdoors, conditions permitting, but much of this may also take place in the classroom.

The Testing Phase

Includes three tests; written testattitude assessment, & live fire exercise.


The written test consists of 50 questions covering a variety of hunter education subjects from the IHEA standards & objectives.

All of the online courses are approved by the IHEA.

Students must score 75 percent (38/50) or higher to pass the course.


Your attitude will also determine whether you pass or not.

You must show a mature & responsible attitude towards firearms, fellow students, your instructor(s) & natural resources.

You can fail this course based on your attitude.


The purpose of the live fire exercise is to evaluate a student’s ability to safely load, handle and shoot using a .22 caliber or .17 HMR rimfire rifle.


Students failing to perform safely during live fire range activities shall be deemed to have failed the live fire exercise.


A BB or Pellet gun may be used, but typical “Red Ryder” style BB guns will NOT work!

If you intend to bring a “pump” type BB or pellet gun, we recommend that you shoot it at 50 foot targets to check for accuracy & penetration.


Students will shoot at animal targets from 50 feet. Students will fire five practice shots at a bull’s eye target, then must shoot 30 shots from a combination of the prone, sitting, kneeling, & standing positions.


You may download the targets used for the exercise, & practice before attending your Field Day. They can be found in PDF format on our Downloads/Links page.


Take the time to clean your rifle, sight it in & make sure it is in good working condition before class.

Bipods & other rests are not allowed.

Scopes (6x max) are allowed but not required.

You are allowed to share a rifle if there is more than one person in your group attending together, however it must not be a single shot, & only two people may share.

However, if this creates too long of a delay, we may ask one of you to use a loaner rifle. 


Not having a rifle will not stop you from completing Hunters’ Education.

If you do not have access to a suitable rifle, arrangements can be made for a loaner rifle.

If you need a loaner rifle, you must bring your own ammunition, at least 50 rounds of .22 cal. Long Rifle rimfire ammunition.


The Division of Wildlife Resources (DWR) has now authorized an archery option for the live fire exercise.

A student may use any legal hunting archery equipment including crossbows. No minimum draw or arrow weight. Field or target points, or broadheads may be used.

From a standing position, students will shoot 5 arrows each from 15, 20, 25 & 30 yards at a target area of approximately 8” x 11.”

50%, or 10 out of 20 shots, must be in the target area.

If you wish to use this option, you will have to make arrangements with us, & plan on a separate range time.


Eye & ear protection will be provided at the center, but if you have some you like you should bring them.

Regular sunglasses & prescription eyeglasses are allowed.



Please leave your rifle & ammunition in your vehicle during class.

If you are being dropped off at the class leave your ammunition with whomever you are traveling to the range with.

If class is at the Lee Kay Center & you are being dropped off, give your ammunition to the instructor.

Please feel free to contact us with any questions you may have, but only after you review the web page or read the course instructions related to the type of class you are interested in.