Papa Bear Enterprises- Utah Hunter Education

The Instructor-Led Course

If you are interested in attending an Instructor-Led Course we typically recommend attending the classes at the Lee Kay Public Shooting Range. They begin the 1st week of every month, & run every Monday & Wednesday, or Tuesday & Thursday for 3 weeks. Contact the Lee Kay Center for information. 801-972-1326

When we do conduct Instructor-Led Courses it is usually through special arrangement. If you have a group & want to sponsor or host a class, contact us to see what we can set up.

Registration for the course is done through our website or during the 1st class (unless the class is full). Before you can register you must purchase a Utah Hunter Education Registration Certificate (HERC). These are available from the DWR online at, or from a local license retailer. The fee is $10.00. Once you purchase the HERC it is good for 365 days. If you purchase it online you must download a temporary copy of the permit to use for registration, since you need to allow time (1-2 weeks) for the actual permit to arrive by regular mail.

It is best to complete your enrollment through our website. But you can bring your official or temporary copy of the HERC to the 1st class. We may be able to accept them later, if the class isnít full, but we must have them before the shooting test, & the official copy is required to graduate.

Upon graduation the HERC becomes your Hunting License for the remainder of those 365-days, with no additional cost. This license is also required to qualify for other game tags & permits. The validated HERC or the Graduation Certificate also allows free use of the State's shooting ranges for one year from graduation.

In addition to the HERC, we will need the following information:

        • The studentís preferred name (if different from the name on the HERC. i.e. Mike instead of Michael).
        • The studentís home phone number (same as on the HERC).
        • A contact email address (studentís or parentsí) (email is the preferred means of communication).
        • A contact phone number (if it is different than the home number).
        • Parentís name(s) if student is under 18.

Please feel free to contact us with any questions you may have, but only after you review the web page or read the course instructions related to the type of class you are interested in.